How To Pick The Perfect Hardware In Your Kitchen


If picking cabinet color, style, and finish weren’t hard enough, now it’s time to pick the hardware to go with them. Most kitchen cabinets are not sold with hardware. Homeowners can choose their own knobs, handles pull, or choose to go without hardware at all. It seems easy at first until you realize there are approximately seven million different kinds of cabinet hardware available. Narrow the choices, focus your efforts and use these tips on how to pick the perfect hardware in your kitchen.


Stick with Style

The hardware you choose should match the style of your cabinets and the theme of your kitchen. Although every home is different, there are four main styles of families: traditional, contemporary, transitional, and eclectic.


Traditional cabinets usually have details, moldings, and embellishments. Ornate hardware works well, as does drop handles, and vintage or farmhouse porcelain hardware.

Contemporary kitchens are very modern, minimalistic, and have sleek lines, and very simple. Hardware for contemporary kitchens should be straight and streamlined.

Transitional kitchens blend traditional and modern styles. Still, the embellishments are kept minimal, and the hardware should be simple.


Eclectic kitchens are full of personality and lend themselves to unique hardware that speaks to your own unique style.

Cohesive Finishes


Consider the finishes of other kitchen appliances and other finishes in the home. A cohesive home should have similar finishes in each room. You don’t want to put brass hardware in the kitchen if the bathrooms have brushed nickel faucets.  Be sure you keep cohesive finishes on faucets, appliances, lighting, sink, etc. If you’re looking for something different, consider a mirror or glass finish that can work without clashing with surrounding finishes.


Be sure that the size of your hardware fits your cabinetry. For traditional or transitional hardware, the pull should be about one-third of the length of the cabinet drawer. Drawers larger than eighteen inches wide may require more than one pull or knob. For a contemporary or eclectic style, the pulls should be at least two-thirds of the length of the drawer or door.

kitchen cabinet handles

Knobs vs. Pulls

Generally speaking, knobs and pulls can be interchangeable. You can use a knob on a drawer and a pull on a door. Choosing one over the other should be based on style and personal preference. If your cabinets are more ornate, stick with a knob so it doesn’t take any attention away from the cabinet. If you have simple cabinetry, pulls can add a nice pop of style.



Kitchen cabinets get a lot of use and abuse, so choose hardware that is easy to use, doesn’t pose any hindrance to using your kitchen with ease. Put them in your hand and make sure the size and shape are comfortable for you and your family.

One knob or pull might be beautiful in the store, but when you put that knob or pull on every door in your kitchen, it can look drastically different. Purchase several samples, bring them home, try them on, and take your time to find the perfect match.

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