How to DIY Fall Chalkboard Doodles


One of my favorite things to decorate each season is my chalkboards.  The chalkboard trend started years ago, and I don’t see it going away anytime soon. After all, the blackboard has been around for decades and still works the exact same (although now they are much cuter).


Chalkboards are easy to change out and are a fun way to show off some seasonal cheer without yet another $50 trip to Hobby Lobby. If the lavish designs and professional chalkboard art you see on Pinterest intimidate you or you need a little inspiration, you’re in the right place. These fall chalkboard doodles give you a great foundation of something simple and beautiful to try.

chalkboard art

Here are a few tips to get you started doodling:

Choose your chalkboard well. If you’re buying a chalkboard product, look for one that is good quality, not cheap wood painted with chalkboard paint. If you’re making your own, opt to use a foundation of porcelain, laminate, metal, or glass and then top with chalkboard paint. The less porous surfaces are easier to get a beautiful finish on and avoid bumpy chalkboard surfaces or ghost markings when erased.


Prep your chalkboards. If you’re using your chalkboard for the first time, season it by rubbing a piece of chalk all over the surface. This prevents ghosting or burning (permanent chalk marks), protects the surface of the chalk, helps it to handle your art better, and gives a more authentic look.

Use a pencil sharpener. If you’re using regular old-school chalk, a hand pencil sharpener does a great job of giving you a nice crisp line. School supply season is a great time to stock up on all your chalk supplies.



You can use chalkboard markers on most non-porous chalkboards, and they give a great clean look, but you should test them first to make sure they can be completely erased with a wet cloth before doing your entire board.

Keep a ruler nearby. Mark a light dotted line if you’re trying to write straight, or even a grid can help you with images and text. When you’re done, use a Q-tip to erase what’s left.

pumpkin chalkboard

If you end up with ghost marks on your board even after wiping it clean, try a little nail polish remover, it works great and doesn’t damage the surface as long as you wipe gently. A Magic Eraser from Mr. Clean is also a hidden gem of chalkboard masters. Over time, you may need to repaint your surface, but this is pretty simple and gives you a fresh new board to start with anyway.

autumn chalkboard decor

Oh, and remember – any mistakes can always be erased so keep it up and try again.

chalkboard doodles art diy


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