Halloween Party Games


Can you really have a Halloween party without games? Yeah.

Is it any fun? Nope.

Everyone loves party games, but getting them started can be a little tricky, especially if you’re hosting a party for families with adults. I’ve found there are two ways to easily get party games going for any crowd.

First, create teams. This is always better than individual participants. Creating teams increases that competitive spirit and increases peer pressure to get everyone involved. Teams of 4-6 people seem to work best.

Challenge Version:

Once you have your list of games, explain the instructions for each game, and allow the teams to race through each of them on their own. Explain that everyone on the team must complete at least one of the games, and games must be split up equally (meaning one person can’t do them all). The first team to complete all the games wins!

Minute Version:

Play each game in a minute-to-win-it version. Set up the game and the time and one volunteer from each team to participate. The game goes for one minute and winner takes all.

Now for the games! Each of these can be set up to be played in either challenge version or minute version, whatever works best for your crowd and space. They are easy for players of all ages making them the perfect Halloween games for family or friends.


Cornhole! Everyone loves cornhole and it’s easy for kids and adults alike.  This Halloween version makes it more fitting for the holiday, but you could also use a plain cornhole board.

halloween games for kids

Boo Bowling: If you do this one-in-minute version, have two team members play. One bowling, and another one setting them up as fast as possible. Winner is the first one to a strike.

halloween bowling

bowling tutorial found here


Pumpkin toss: Simple to set up and easy to do for all ages. The most candy in the cauldrons wins. You could put score points on each cauldron to make it even more competitive.



Spider Web game: Have each contestant use only one foot and one hand to capture as many spiders from the web as they can.

spider game for kids halloween

Pumpkin Stomp: Not as easy as it sounds, stomp balloons to make them pop. You’ll need someone to keep count for each team.



A mummy wrap: There are two ways to do this game. First, you can simply wrap your contestant up like a mummy, the first one to finish winds. Second, you can mummy wrap just the bottom half, and then treat it like a sack race for mummies. The first one to get wrapped up and hop to the finish line wins.  This game is played at most Halloween parties, and the kids NEVER get sick of it.  My boys love this year after year.  Parents enjoy wrapping up their kids!

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