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10 Amazing Wall Makeovers!

Accent walls started trending several years ago when people fell in love with the eye-catching style of an accent wall. Turns out, this fad is not going anywhere soon, but accent walls have been elevated from just paint. Now, accent walls can be colored, papered, chalked, wood, brick, or textured. Accent walls are best done […]

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How to Install Shiplap

When I heard Joanna Gaines talk about “shiplap” I had to google it. I had no idea what this was that she kept adding to the house after house after house. Today, shiplap is a household term, and for good reason. It’s a classic look that can lean to both modern and rustic styles. Best […]

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Succulent Decor Ideas

Millennials have killed houseplants and replaced them with succulents. Why? Because succulents are easy and give you an instant payoff. That’s what we love in today’s fast-paced world. We want things to look pretty, be easy, and not require much from us: enter succulents. They are the hot topic in gardens these days and are […]

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Renovate your Master Bedroom on a Budget!

If you’re like most people, the master bedroom is the area of the house that always comes last when it comes to design. Of course, you’ll spend more time decorating the living areas, organizing the kitchen, or cleaning children’s rooms, and the master bedroom gets pushed to the side again and again. It’s time to […]

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Bedroom Makeover for under $50

Kids’ bedrooms can be a tricky area of the house. Of course, we all want our children’s bedrooms to look like the pages of Pottery Barn kids, but the reality is they generally look like the aftermath of Hurricane Toys R Us. However, as kids get older they may be outgrowing their superhero sheets and […]

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5 Ways to Improve the SMELL of your Home

Let’s face it, life is stinky. It’s full of dirty kids and burnt popcorn and sweaty socks and doesn’t even get me started on the diaper dilemmas. Sometimes even after picking up, putting away and wiping down your home, it still has a funk. Sure, you can pick up your favorite spray product of bottled […]

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