6 Steps to Making a Cozy Space

Have you ever walked into a home and immediately felt comfortable? Like you want to pull up a chair, relax,… Read more »

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Have you ever walked into a home and immediately felt comfortable? Like you want to pull up a chair, relax, and spend the day? There is an almost tangible difference between a cozy home and an awkward space.

Making a space where your family and guests can relax doesn’t just happen, it is created with a few key elements essential to making a cozy space.

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  1. Great advice! Beautiful examples, too. I think often a cozy, casual style turns out to be budget friendlier because of its simplicity, though of course you could spend a lot for it if you had the budget to. I have a small budget, and I have done my best to make my apartment look like a cozy cottage. The furniture really is the key to it. I have a loveseat, a small armchair , and a large armchair. I found the big oversized armchair at a thrift store (for $46 total) and got a nice slipcover for it. The slipcover cost more than the chair did, but the chair is worth hundreds originally. The loveseat was free to me from a friend, and it was originally from a nice furniture store. The little armchair is pretty and comfortable, and I did get it on sale at a department store because I had zero living room furniture at that point and was just starting and needed something right away. It is very pretty.

    I have rules with living in an apartment instead of a house, of course, so there are things I can’t do. I have this ugly brass ceiling fan and am stuck with it. I definitely only use it to cool the room and not to light it. Lamps are very important to softly light the room. I have a pretty upholstered headboard for my bed that I found on sale, and it helps with “art” without nail holes. I cam get pillow covers and throws, and I even had a friend with sewing talent sew 4 matching napkins into two pillows for me.

    I do my own drawings and paintings, so my artwork is free to me. It personalizes it, too, uniquely.

    Thrift stores and two local budget friendly furniture consignment stores are my go-tos. I found a $600 coffee table for $33 (tax and all!) at a thrift store. I believe it was only donated because it had a sticky hinge on one of the two leaves. I think it was maybe a display model at a nice store. There was zero wear to it and no scratches or dings. I loosened the over tight screw, and then the hinge worked perfectly and the part went back and forth easily as it was supposed to. I am not even handy and I fixed it.

    People do sometimes turn their noses up at thrift stores or consignment stores because the furniture is secondhand, but you can find wonderful things in great shape! And being able to find solid wood in thrift stores really has more lasting value than something new that has a current pretty look but of poorer quality construction.

    My family and friends thought I spent a lot more than I actually did.

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